The Declaration of Nakedness

We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created nude, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Nakedness.




1,2, Free - The Nacktiv-Book by Anita and Wolfgang Gramer (e-book in English for download) This book deals about people walking naked in woods and fields, working naked in their gardens, jogging naked in parks and cycling naked on countryroads. The book has 185 pages and about 150 photos. More you find here

2. TRAVELLING LIGHT – 7 NAKED HIKES THROUGH ANDALUSIA by Anita and Wolfgang Gramer (in German)
In the second book we report on our walking naked through one of the most fascinating landscapes of Europe. We take you to our little farmhouse in the country, which we renovate in the nude. More about this book you find here. content book 2 The book has 160 pages and 174 photos.

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An Swedish translation for download of 1,2, FREE will propably be available in a few weeks.


Naktiv (Naked Activity) Weeks with Anita and Wolfgang

Live naked in an Andalusian farmhouse (Cortijo), in an abandoned mountain village some 70 km from Almeria, with it's own spring. Take a naked walk every second day in the Cabo de Gata nature reserve.

We place our seminars firmly in the Naktiv mould. We wish to develop a complete experience through both active nudity and it's complement: peace, harmony and stillness. Every participant should find the potential to let everything go, not just their clothes, but also their problems, their stress, and their troublesome thoughts and worries.

dorfWe invite everyone of every size and type to join our nature walks. Because of the nature of the remote position, it is very peaceful and there is sufficient space for everybody. Anyone seeking luxurious comfort would be disappointed. We eat together or separate, depending on the wishes of each group. Anyone who wishes to know more about our walks, is recommended to read our book: "Travelling light - 7 naked walks in Andalucia", which has 155 photographs of the region. All groups stay at an old, peaceful and restored Cortijo in double rooms. You can see the white rooftops in the foreground of the photo on the left.

The house provides sleeping facilities for 6 people, and lies in an abandoned mountain village only reachable via a short and ancient donkey path of about 100m. There is ample drinking water available from a tank which is filled from a lively spring, and a 220 volt electricity supply is provided via solar
panels. A fully kitted out kitchen is provided, along with bed linen and hand towels. There is a single hot water shower, which is serviced from a propane gas bottle, and a single WC. The village itself consists of 4 renovated farm houses, of which only the one at the entrance to the hamlet is regularly occupied by an artist couple. We live in our own house next door.

The entirely isolated situation encourages one to be naked both in and out of the house. Below the Cortijo the farmed terraces are managed traditionally by the local population. Along the donkey track are goat pens and an area with deer; the true smells and sounds of the countryside are omnipresent and
contribute positively to the experience.

If you prefer more comfort, we can offer you accomodation 3 km away in the "Concha", an extraordinary building in the form of a mussel. Double rooms with salon an fridge, fireplace, bathroom and terrace. At this place you only can be naked within your rooms. For an accomodation in the "Concha" we charge 10 Euros extra per person and night, breakfast in the "Concha" is inclusive.

Participants should use their own, or a rented, vehicle to reach the village. The house is about 10 km distant from the sea near Carboneras, a seaside town inbetween Almeria (70 km) and Alicante (250 km). The distance to main cities are: Malaga 270 km, Valencia 420 km, Madrid 560 km and Barcelona 780 km. The approach from Carboneras takes about 15 minutes and is somewhat adventurous. A detailed description of the approach will be sent to every participant once bookings have been accepted.

Each participant should be in a reasonable physical condition and be able to walk through mountainous terrain for up to 6 hours. Everyone should be used to strong sunshine, otherwise there may be a danger of sunburn. We recommend open or light walking boots, a sun hat and a day pack suitable for carrying provisions and water.

We request that people register for our program either in writing or via email. A confirmed registration will be returned on cleared payment of fees into our bank account. The program is intended for couples. Individuals can also register, but we would like to maintain an approximately equal male/female ratio in each group.

Here you find the cover of the books:

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