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We have written three books in German about Nacktivism. SCHÖNER SEXEN, ONE, TWO, FREE! and WALKING BARE. If you are able to read German you can buy this two books here. We send the books worldwide by air or per ship.

ONE, TWO, FREE is now available in English as download. If you order the German book you also can get the English download for free or a Swedish translation (only the text).




you can order here

The Gateway of Life by Grit Scholz.

with an introduction in 8 languages.

German, English, French, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Italian.

Softcover Edition 12.5 x 12.5 cm, 152 Pages, ISBN 978-3-9811805-1-0, Price: 16.50 Euros, (plus postage Europe/worldwide 2 Euros)

"The Gateway of Life" is a revolutionary and unique book, the like of which has never been seen before. This book pays homage to an unknown land. The up to now white and sometimes dark spots of the map of the female body are filled with colour and life. Grit Scholz positions her book bravely and sensitively as an explicit counterpoint to pornography. Exploring this sometimes secretive terra incognita opens up astounding, beautiful and occassionaly shocking images.

It could be that some people, in particular women, might feel themselves ashamed or hurt by some of these images. If this is so however, these feelings will not spring from the photographs themselves, but will be generated instead from deeply ingrained social prejudices, which we have absorbed into our collective unconsciousnesses. This is why this book has such a great healing potential for us all. A double healing in fact. This book helped to heal women who resolved their psychic shame directly, via a vicarious"exposure" of their physical shame. This book can also help people to have a look at the female mystery without bad conscience, to a mystery which still causes so much psychological damage and commercial abuse in modern society.

This book can be seen as truth itself, such that our very own self-restricting behaviour can be conquered and we can move forward to a new dimension of freedom and physical and spiritual potential.





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Anita und Wolfgang Gramer and others:
Schöner sexen – Anleitung zum Ausziehen

ISBN 978-3-937502-08-3, 256 S., with 215 fotos, Euro 18,80, in German

Coautors: Annette Bredemeyer (Psycholgist), Nancy Franke (Therapeut), Anke Rammé Firlefanz (Artist), Rainer Maria Liesenfeld (Journalism), Grit Scholz (Author), Natalie Uhlmann (Sexual Therapist) und Dr. Silke Witt-Wulf (Medical Doctor).

The Gramers have really excelled themselves this time. Not content with giving the world a new word: “Nacktiv”, (meaning to be naked and active), their new book “SCHÖNER SEXEN - ANLEITUNG ZUM AUSZIEHEN” really “takes the bull by the horns” and



addresses the long forbidden subject of sensuality within a naked context. For generations nudists have denied the applicability of any form of sensual context to their activities, equally erroneously mainstream opinion has consistently associated nakedness with sex, particularly in the media in modern times. Now read: “SCHÖNER SEXEN”, the book which light-heartedly takes the lid off sexual repression and allows us to look past so many of our grimly held taboos. This book, which demonstrates with characteristically superb photography the many nuances of sensuality modern man so simplistically rejects, also holds clues as to how we can use our nudity to reaffirm our love, to regain our innocent sense of fun, to find our shared and individual pleasures, and to use this knowledge to rebuild our relationships in a more open and relaxed, (not to mention cost-effective and environmentally friendly), context. Read it today and change your life for ever. (Richard Foley)



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you can order here


ONE, TWO, FREE! download in English

by Anita & Wolfgang Gramer:
1,2, Free – The Nacktiv Book

e-book for download, ca. 150 photos, mym-Verlag, new edition 2007, Euro 9,90, translated from German by Richard Foley with a new chapter about naked mountain hiking across the European Alps and the Scottish Munros

This e-book deals about people who are INTEGAL NACKTIV, walking naked in woods and fields, working naked in their gardens, jogging naked in parks and cycling naked on countryroads. More about this book you find here.

Here you will find some pages of chapter 5 (5 MB)

The URL and access information for the downloadable book will be sent to the given email address, once payment has been recieved:



What does INTEGRAL NACKTIV mean? Nacktiv is a combination of the German word naked = nackt and active = aktiv. In English this word play could produce Nacktiv, which is very similar. Integral means, that nakedness should not be something hidden, or something that you must be ashamed of: we integrate our nakedness in our every-day lives. In Germany, Great-Britain, Spain and many other countries naked walking and cycling in the countryside is becoming more and more well known. We inform about this phenomen in our books and give you a chance to try it yourself.


EINS, ZWEI, FREI, (One, Two, Free!), describes the rebirth of a nearly forgotten nudist culture in not only Germany, but also in many other European countries. Naked people are escaping from boarded up reservations and walking, cycling and riding through woods, villages and towns. This is the practical realisation of a free-thinking lifestyle which makes nudity a central part of it's philosophy. One envies the protagonists their radical and, at the same time humanistic, natural lifestyle.


Anne Elsner writes about 1,2, Free: A beautiful and encouraging book

Although I've always been an enthusiastic nudist, until now I've only ever regarded public and social nudity as something to be practised at officially sanctioned beaches and nudist holiday clubs. Only since reading Anita and Wolfgang Gramer's excellent book, have I realised that there are many other suitable places where it is possible to be naked in my spare time.

I have found so much courage, from reading this book, that last summer I even tried a little naked jogging and naked hiking myself. I experienced such an incomparable feeling of being one with nature and freedom, this could become quite addictive. I am waiting impatiently for the coming summer, in which I look forward to trying out some of the other suggested naked activities.

It's not often that a book has influenced me quite so directly and completely as this one: read it, go out into nature and simply take off all your clothes!









Anita & Wolfgang Gramer:


ISBN 3-937052-06-8, 160 pages, 174 fotos und maps, mym-Verlag 2006, Euro 16,80 (plus postage Europe/worldwide 3 Euros)


you can order here



WANDERN MIT NIX, (Walking Bare), is a specialist travel book for naked people. It is a book for those who seek an exceptional and singular holiday experience, far away from fences and hedges. In this book, the authors describe seven walking tours along the uniquely wild and romantic coast of the Cabo de Gata, where the reader is motivated to place their own shirt and trousers in their rucksack and to follow the naked footsteps of the Gramers. WANDERN MIT NIX is however, first and foremost, a pleasant, lively and charming diary about living naked in a progressive and unfettered country. The descriptions are illustrated by many exceptional colour photographs to give a truly representative picture of what is possible under an Andalucian sun. At once fantastic,exemplary and motivational.







If you know a publisher who likes to publish one of our books in English or an other foreign language, please contact us.

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