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Naked Performance

We would like to invite all open, creative and courageous people to a naked performance event in the centre of Berlin. In particular we would like to see artists, athletes, actors and actresses, dancers, musicians, acrobats and fire-eaters, etc. take part. Please mail us if you are able to come along.


Naked cycling

We are looking for people to join us for several extended multi-day tours along the river Elbe, or the Berlin-Usedom cyclepath, or the Berlin-Kopenhagen route. Any mutually suitable date/s considered - please mail us with suggestions.

Naked pilgrims.

We are looking for people to join us for a multi-day hike along the Pilgrims-way from Santiago de Compostela - to register your interst, please mail us..


Naked photographers.

For all of our tours and events, we are also looking for (clothed is ok) people to accompany us to take photos of us approaching, and as we pass by. In particular we are looking for people with an eye for the unexpected or unusual situation, with a sufficient complement of near-professional equipment, including wide- and telefoto- lenses etc. To register your interest, please mail us.




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