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Body Image and Shame

Inside every one of us there is a vast, untapped both in mind and body, potential. We work with nakedness as the source for the development of our spiritual well-being, as well as of our physical health: body image, life-style, emancipation, creativity, authenticity and improved forms of internal and external communication are the goals we strive to improve for ourselves and others.

The INTEGRAL NACKTIV philosophy is the result of our own shared experiences, of our partnership with one another, and of our own individual lives. We wish to share this process with others. Our seminars are particularly aimed at women, who through overcoming their very real, socially disfunctional, shyness can emancipate themselves and thus become free. For further information on our events, our seminars and our aims, see below.

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Lust und Shame

To move naked under an open sky, away from traditionally fenced off nudist areas, can be a lot of fun. And life-changing. Most people never experience this because they are ashamed to expose their bodies to public fresh air. Shame is a form of fear, and fear hinders our development as healthy individuals, in part because we make ourselves dependent on the judgement of others, instead of trusting in our own abilities. These sentiments - while particularly typical for women - are not set in stone, in fact we can help you to lose this debilitating sense of shame.

We live in an exhibitionist and voyeuristic society, and no-one appears to be ashamed of this. We display our possessions, what we have, and we use the media to see what everyone else has. "Show everyone what you have, but don't tell anyone who you are", appears to be one modern motto. "Maintain your distance - stay cool", another. To appear aloof is everything. We wrap ourselves in fashionable clothing, cover ourselves with colour and gloss, surround ourselves with physical status symbols, and desperately pretend to be so very cool.


Show who you are

It is to the most fashionable people that we always turn to admire, but we want people to relearn how to look at their fellow man. We don't want to hide behind clothes and things, and we don't want to be defined by objects. We wish to be seen exactly as we are. We've been doing this now for a number of years - we live in our farmhouse naked the whole time. We walk, run and cycle, naked through our hamlet and neighbouring villages. "That's just how it is around here", said our local lady baker, as we described one of our naked hikes to her. For our neighbours, it's the norm. No-one is upset, no-one has attempted to impede us. On the contrary, we have already extended our range of operations, and increase them daily. Not only physically, but spiritually too.

If you are interested in sharing in this process, we cordially invite you to take part in one of our seminars.


In our seminars, in a protected environment, we can relearn how to find ourselves, to become human again, as we once were - perhaps when we were children. We want to learn how: to be ourselves, to look at ourselves, to touch ourselves - and to draw strength from this. We want to learn together how to teach ourselves to regard our false shame. We want to be once more unashamed of ourselves, as we were when we were innocent children. Our physically shame is the lust we don't dare to have. And without lust live is a burden.

We will move together, and carefully approach one another, to test our borders and to extend them. We will discover ourselves through experimenting with fun, and with laughing, with others.

We wish to open up chances for ourselves and our guests, and for others. This will only work, however, when we are ready to throw off the shackles of unending disturbance which comes with modern social conventions, which is so continually hurtful to our psyche. Thus, we invite everybody and anyone, who is interested and feels ready for change, to come and try out a new and intimate experience.

We would be pleased to get to know you personally on any of our courses. The seminar structure is essentially designed for an equivalent number of men and women. However, while we also encourage individual women to register, single men may also apply to go on the appropriate waiting list. If you are interested, please send us a mail.




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